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Here are some Frequently Asked Questions We Have Received About Our Furniture

What do I do if my furniture arrives damaged?
Contact us immediately by phone or email; explain damage and we will handle immediately to your satisfaction

How do I finish my furniture
There are a variety of finishes available on the market. Always ensure that you select a quality finish that is formulated for exterior use. Exterior finishes contain UV (Ultra Violet) inhibitors to help your furniture withstand prolonged exposure to sunlight. In all cases, make sure the finish you select is compatible with cedar and follow the manufacturer's instructions for application and maintenance. Please note that if you intend to paint your cedar furniture, it will be necessary to apply an "acrylic" primer coat first followed by an "acrylic" top-coat. Failure to apply the primer coat will result in the cedar's natural oils bleeding through the paint. A primer is not required for stain, oil / varnish combinations,or polyurethane finishes.

What will happen if I donít put any finish on my chair?
Cedar's natural oils make it highly resistant to rot and decay. Left unfinished, it will remain intact for many years but will, in time, show signs of "weathering" while changing to a "silver/gray" color.

How can I find out about your new products?
By checking our website from time to time. We update our website on a regular basis.

What if I want to learn about making/distributing this type of furniture?
Contact us by phone or email and we will send you details about becoming a distributor of our product.


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